Film Score Credits

Film Composer Film Composer Film Composer
Film Composer Film Composer Film Composer
Film Composer Film Composer Film Composer
Film Composer Film Composer Film Composer
Film Composer Film Composer

Upcoming Films

Blue Eyes Drama
Possessed: Final Destination Horror
Euphorium: Genesis Sci-Fi / Drama
Spunsilk Drama
Wicked Jack Horror
The Wendigo Horror
Blood Money Crime
Dr. Spiderwack's Mind-boggling Compendium of Fantastic Urban Beasts Comedy

Horror / Suspense / Action / Sci-Fi

The Foretelling Enigma Films
Occurrence at Mills Creak (feature) Spruce Films
Play Time Cinema Scape
Todd SFN Productions
Sleep Tight Sharpspoon Pictures
Ashes Gran Studios
Voices 1228 Productions
Occurrence at Mills Creak (short) Spruce Films
Slices Sharpspoon Pictures
Hunting For Justice Sick And Twisted Cinema
Amygdala Astral Films
Family Night Allie Kat Productions
Abstraction Cinema Scape Studios
Better Late Than Dead Ginome Films
Back Road Sick And Twisted Cinema
Mirror Mirror Enigma Films
Hell Phone SFN Productions
Malign Sick and Twisted FX
Dawn and the Dead Motion Comic Enigma Films
Stirring Fright Meter Films
Samantha Sebastian Ponton
Unmarked Alec Ybarra Films
Brick's Gambit Ionogen Media
Party Night Fright Meter Films
Body Keepers Perilous Productions
Vermillion Invictus Films
Hell Date Room 101 Filmworks
Beware the Shadow Man Dance Macabre Productions
Granny Itchy Productions
Enhanced Berg Imaging, Inc.
Time Keeper Daryn Murphy Prod.
Forgiven Hidden Star Productions
Inner Dimension Galloping Metal Productions
Witch of Deadwood Eddy Spaggetti Films
The Thing Under the Bed Enigma Films
In Return Ginomai Films
Undead Women Roux Pictures Ent. Prod.
The House Rosebud Studio
Intrusion Midnight Hill Ent.
Let Us Prey Thunderstruck Cinema
Best Ribs in Town Grove Street Ent.
The Storm Midnight Hill Ent.
Feed the Beast Trailer Cook Productions
Shock Therapy 5th Click Films
Alarum Enigma Films
The Foreshadowing Guerilla Films
Fight Ring Iron Lion Pictures
Dark Legacy Severe Mental Anguish
Blackwater Farm Mill Pond Productions
My Hunting Ground DrippingDead Prod.
Drain Babies Legacy Ent.
Office Outbreak Woodward Ent.
Snuff Timberwolf Ent.
Web of Darkness Enigma Films
Mother Made Me Mystical Media Prod,
Charlie Production Magic, Inc
Forever Guerilla Films
The Piggy Bank Guerilla Films
Fiend Mystical Media Prod.
The Devil's Window Timberwolf Ent.
The Shunned DrippingDead Prod.
The Reaper Enigma Films
Roadkill Timberwolf Ent.
Samhain 101 Timberwolf Ent.
Revelation Timberwolf Ent.
Old Man Eddy-Hill Pictures
The Incident Eddy-Hill Pictures
Minds of Terror Wild Range Productions
Lunacy DrippingDead Prod.
The Tao of Space Spanish Castle Graphics
Ocean of Infinity Spanish Castle Graphics


Flow Astral Films
Pearls of Africa Shakazi Productions
42 Michael Chaput
Before Your Eyes Gran Studios
Heaven's Gap Berg Imaging
The Lost Enigma Films
Flowers For Boys Logan Shaffer
Sunshine Monterror Media
A Wish For Giants Blanket Hill Productions
Ballroom Billy Ginome Films
Gotta Make It Quantum VFX
Something Left To Give Enigma Films
Caught Ginome Films
Requiem Lost Tsalagi Films
Shoes Itchy Productions
Moving Day Cruz Productions
Love's Triangle Downbottom Films
Lizzy Itchy Productions
Drama Kids Modest Moose Prod.
Four Years Jim Exton
Darlin' Nikki Woodward Productions
Trifles T-Ball Film Prod.
Salvation Mystical Media Prod.
One Blood Rachel Mather
Drift Blue Wave Productions
A Naked Flame Jon Schweigart
Speaking Heart2Heart (trailer) CCSquared Productions
Change of Life Blue Wave Productions
Forgotten Love PKL Productions
Forced Survival Timberwolf Ent.
Climactic Cladiya Entertainment
The Goal Film It Productions
Generous Malik Daniels
Lenny Malik Daniels
SNAP Ham and Rye Char. Cr.
Call Me BrainAche Productions
Dances With Monster RJT Productions
Devotion's Turn Gargoyle Films
Good Manners Robert Navarro
Nature of the Beast Spirit Works, LLC
The Human Condition John Suetmeier


Dawg Nation Sabrestone Productions
Chicago and Film Charlie Curran

Comedy / Animation / Romantic Comedy / Musical

ColoradoLand Ionogen Media
Vulassic Park Richardson Productions
Simpatico Monterror Media
Think Twice Elamina Films
Permanent Vacation Spectra Nova Film Co.
Grounded Monterror Media
Vampire Whores From Outer Space Razorsharp Productions
Pot Zombies Fringe Media
Slaughter Party Wild Range Productions
Zombiegeddon Wild Range Productions
The Janitor Andy Signore
Evil Crazy Robot Woman Wild Range Productions
Bride of the Zombie Lantern Jack Films
One New Message Sharpspoon Pictures
Fritz - A Furry Menace Boom and Zoom Gr.
ToyFriend (Justin Beiber parody) Richardson Productions
Fritz - SpaceBat Boom and Zoom Gr.
4 Tanks and a Healer 4Reelz
N.O.T.L.S. Richardson Productions
Harvey Putter Richardson Productions
Fritz - Bad Day in Bosnia Boom and Zoom Gr.
Fritz - The Blue Fox Boom and Zoom Gr.
Dork of the Rings Richardson Productions
Being Earnest Growing Green Prod.
Weekend Razor Sharp Productions
Fritz Alley Boom and Zoom Gr.
Fritzkrieg Boom and Zoom Gr.
Alarmed Robust Films


Life Happens Kevin Douglas

Video Games

Gunslinger Customized Gaming Inc.


Voyage of the Sub-Limed Maria Kruse

Promotional / Corporate Videos

Video Logo Mystical Media Prod.
Corporate Promotional Video Spirit Works, LLC
2 Studio Promo Videos Spirit Works, LLC
Corp. Video Logo Anka Bootstyle Films
Corp. Video Logo Tsalagi Films Films